Meet Lavon Palmer: Inspiring Alliance Hospice Volunteer

By R. Bruce Dalglish

Updated June 25, 2018

If only we could clone volunteers like Lavon Palmer, the world would be a better place. When Lavon is not busy working with her husband in their home improvement company, or spending time with her own family, Lavon spends her free time volunteering for Alliance Hospice.

Since last October, Lavon has been committed to caring for an elderly couple as if they were her own family. The wife, an Alliance Hospice patient, is terminally-ill with Alzheimer’s, and her husband is aging and has problems with his vision.

During Lavon’s visits to the couple’s home twice a week, she takes care of their needs. In addition to doing light housekeeping for the husband so that he can spend some time with his friends, Lavon tends to the wife’s physical and emotional needs.

Lavon wipes the wife’s face with a warm washcloth, and gives her manicures and pedicures. “When I come there, I open up the window and turn on country music for her and she just livens up,” recalls Lavon. “It brings me to tears every time, it’s wonderful. It feels extremely good, feels like my family.”

In addition to visiting with the couple, Lavon calls every day to check in to see if they need anything, and often drives the husband to his own doctor visits due to his impaired vision.

One of the most meaningful parts of Lavon’s volunteering is the special impact she’s made: “When I first went there, she really didn’t have any social skills. But now, when I just look into the room where she is, she just looks at me, smiles and laughs.”

Lavon’s step-daughter is a nurse at Alliance Hospice, and is the one who originally recommended that Lavon look into volunteer opportunities there last fall. Now, Lavon says, “It’s very fulfilling because it’s volunteer work, and not a job that I have to do.”

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